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Get Over the Sunday Night Blues With These 5 Helpful Tips

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Get Over the Sunday Night Blues With These 5 Helpful Tips

It seems like everyone gets the Sunday-night blues at some point. You know that feeling of dread that starts coming over you late in the afternoon and reaches a crescendo by bedtime. While psychologists call it situational depression, we all know what it feels like and give it our own common names. 

Almost everyone that has a job works with an eye on the weekend and the possibilities it holds. So, it should come as no surprise we may get down in the dumps when the weekend begins to wind down.  

Weekends come to an end, and there is no changing that, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the “Sunday sadness” and help you get prepared for the week ahead: 

Make fun plans for Sunday evening

Who says you can’t have fun on Sunday night? Schedule a Sunday-Night Football party or have friends over for drinks and a game of cards. If you got into the habit of spending fun time with friends and loved ones, you’ll get out of the habit of sitting around and getting depressed about Monday morning.   

Exercise and eat right

Lots of studies show that exercise can improve both your physical and emotional health. During exercise, your body releases endorphins that help you feel better and get a good night’s sleep to prepare you for Monday morning. Hiking, biking or yoga are all beneficial for your mind and body. 

Beer, pizza and ice cream are all part of a fun weekend, but make sure you get a fair share of healthy foods to keep your mind and body in top shape. 

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Wrap things up before you leave the workplace on Friday. Tidy up your workspace, answer your emails, and make up a list of things to do for Monday. This will give your mind a chance to relax and remove some of the Sunday-night anxiety because you know you are ready for the new week. 

Look forward to the week ahead

The transition from Sunday to Monday is all in your mind. One day is the same as the next, so why not schedule some fun things for the workweek. Instead of dreading the upcoming week, you might look forward to it and Sundays will lose their power to depress you. 

Break an old pattern

Think about why you’re unhappy on a Sunday evening. Do you have something to dread, or are you merely hooked on an old habit? Some people are happily retired but still get down in the dumps on a Sunday for no apparent reasonThe Sunday blues are a product of their past, and maybe that’s happening to you. You can break these patterns with therapy, journaling or affirmations. 


Would a new job help dispel the Sunday-night blues?

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