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Falling Asleep on the Night Shift? Splash Some Cold Water on Your Face

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Falling Asleep on the Night Shift? Splash Some Cold Water on Your Face

It’s a common problem for those who work at night: at some point during the shift; you’ll get an almost uncontrollable urge to fall asleep. It’s understandable since you are probably heading to your job at about the same time those day-shift workers are heading to bed.  

Talk about messing with your circadian rhythmsWorking the night shift can do that, especially before your body adapts to it. Here are a few simple tricks to keep yourself awake naturally, without resorting to mega-caffeine solutions like Red Bull and 5-hour Energy drinks.  

Splash cold water on your face.  

Yes, this solution has been around forever, but that’s because it works. There is no need to dunk your head in the water; splash a bit of cold water on your face. If you follow that up by stepping outside into the night air, you’ll be wide awake for some time.  

Drink some bitter coffee.  

Sometimes your regular coffee isn’t giving you the lift you need. By reducing the amount of milk and sugar you put in it, each sip will be more bitter than you’re used to, so you should feel more awake as you’re drinking it.  

Interact with a co-worker you don’t know very well  

If you’re feeling extremely sleepy, mention something about sports or the weather to someone you don’t know too well. Acting tired is no primary concern in front of one of your friends, but your body will wake up quickly to avoid any social awkwardness when you talk to a stranger.  

Tug on your hair.  

Pulling your hair doesn’t sound like fun, but you only need to give it a slow, gentle tug to get the blood flowing to your head again. This method isn’t as radical as some of the others, but if you’re starting to feel tired, it will refresh you.  

Play some fast-tempo music that you enjoy.  

This suggestion works well as long as you’re allowed to listen to music at work. Play some of your favorite upbeat, fast tunes, and you’ll be sure to stave off sleepiness.  

Do some stretches.  

Get up and stretch your back, neck, and legs as if you were going to start exercising. Stretching is one of the best ways to get the blood flowing through your whole body. If you know a few simple yoga poses, so much, the better.  

Chill out.  

Being too warm and cozy can lead to sleepiness. If you’re wearing an extra layer of clothing, removing it could give you enough of a chill to make you wide awake and keep you from getting drowsy.  

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