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Is Your 9-to-5 Becoming Monotonous? Here Are Some Tips

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Is Your 9-to-5 Becoming Monotonous? Here Are Some Tips

Once upon a time, you were excited about your job. You enjoyed getting up in the morning, and your workdays flew by effortlessly. You couldn’t stop telling your friends all the good things about your career.  

But now you’re quoting a song title from the late, great B.B. King, “The Thrill is Gone.”  

What went wrong? You’re feeling bored at work. Sometimes the monotony is unbearable. You tell yourself you should be grateful to be employed, but that doesn’t help. You’ve hit a low point in your working life, and it seems as though moving on is the only solution.  

But there might be another way: maybe you could recapture that thrill by making a few adjustments in the way you approach your current job. Here are a few tips to consider:  

Look beyond the monotony.  

One quick change you can make is to your viewpoint. Instead of giving in to the boredom, focus on the myriad of opportunities that are waiting for you beyond it. There are always problems, and you may have the solutions.  

Once you take that first step past the tedium, you’ll be looking for more ways to take action and be engaged. Another positive outcome: your manager will also notice the change in your perspective!  

Discover your influence.  

Almost every worker wants to know they are making a difference. And in most cases, they are. The problem is that they don’t realize they are having an impact, and it adds to their feelings of discontent.  

The next time you’re doing what seems to be a mind-numbing task, think about the effect that what you’re doing is having on the organization, your co-workers, and customers. Even the most unexciting work will make a difference, so focus on that instead of the tedious nature of whatever you’re doing.   

Maybe you aren’t changing the world, but you could be making one person’s day better. And that means you’re having an impact.  

Stick your neck out a bit.  

When you find yourself thinking about how much longer you can take this tedious job, it’s time to take on some risk. Suggest a project to your manager or find new, more efficient ways to complete the work you already have.   

Maybe you can come up with a faster way to get through a particularly monotonous task. If you can find ways to streamline a process, you’ll be helping the company, impressing your boss, and eliminating all those tedious hours.  

If all your efforts to enliven your current job come up short, we can help.  

Contact us at Pro Resources. We are a professional, clerical, and light industrial employment agency in Indiana. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you find an exciting position.