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5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

If you are looking for work in today’s competitive environment, there is no room for mistakes on your resume. Even the smallest errors could cause a hiring employer to reject you as a viable candidate. On the other hand, if you can avoid these mistakes and put a professional-looking resume on the desk of a hiring manager, your chances of landing an interview and receiving a job offer will go up considerably. 

Avoid these five mistakes and keep yourself in the running for that great job: 

Errors in spelling and grammar.

While most applicants will scan their resumes for apparent mistakes, keep in mind that you are less likely to spot errors when you are the one who did the writing. Have someone else check it or use the free Grammarly writing assistant to review it for you. Remember, even the smallest mistakes could lead to your resume being passed over. 

Not customizing your resume to match the job posting.

It isn’t necessary to start your resume from scratch with each application you submit. However, you must go through it and make sure it aligns with the job to which you’re applying. It takes a little extra time, but you’ll be rewarded with an advantage over all of those applicants who send in cookie-cutter resumes. 

Listing your responsibilities instead of your accomplishments.

Every recruiter knows you had responsibilities at your last job. What is important to them is what you achieved while you were there since it points out the potential you have to succeed in this role. What stands out, even more, is if you can quantify your accomplishments using statistics that can attest to increased sales, business growth, or return on investment. Responsibilities without results could indicate that you lacked initiative. 

Using all of the latest buzzwords.

Don’t turn off the hiring manager by using a lot of annoying buzzwords. If you saw yourself as a “gamechanger” or “disrupter” at your last job, don’t use those terms on your resume. If you tackled the tough jobs and didn’t just go after the “low-hanging fruit,” find a more professional way to state it. If you indicate you were a “thought leader” and “moved the needle,” you might cause your resume to be “moved” to the bottom of the pile. 

Including irrelevant information.

One sure way to have your resume ignored is to fill it with outdated or irrelevant information. Don’t include anything about hobbies, marital status, or age. Rule of thumb: if it isn’t relevant to the position, it should not be on your resume. 

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