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Is Your Career Path Making You Unhappy?

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Is Your Career Path Making You Unhappy?

Remember that feeling of dread you got every Sunday night when you thought about starting another week at that job. Well, now it’s hitting you every night and most mornings, too. You thought you would feel differently after the promotion, but nothing changed because you aren’t inspired by the work you do each day. 

From everyone else’s perspective, you look happy and prosperousBut it’s all but impossible to feel true happiness when you find your work unfulfilling. And that feeling of being trapped and without options only adds to your inner struggles. 

Don’t think you’re alone in keeping unhappy feelings about your job hidden from the world. Many like you hide behind a happy face and hard work while feeling empty and guilty about letting themselves down. 

If this sounds like you, take heartThere are some steps you can take right now to get yourself off the wrong path and on to the right one. Check these out: 

Quit Pretending

Start by being honest with yourself. Suppressing your unhappiness isn’t making it go awayPretending to like your job won’t make it soThe fake-it-until-you-make-it philosophy has limited effectiveness when it comes to a career. 

If your work is not fulfilling, working harder at it won’t change that. You need to accept the problem before you can solve it. Acting like there isn’t an issue will result in you being unhappy for the remainder of your working days. 

Remove “Can’t” and “Should” from Your Thinking

As you are reading this, you’ve probably already come up with the most common “can’t” out there. It’s the one that goes something like this: “I can’t quit this job and pursue a career I love because everyone I know would be shocked and disappointed with me.” Many people focus on what they can’t do instead of on what will make them happy and fulfilled.  

And then there is this “should”: “I should be thankful that I have a full-time job with decent pay and benefits, even if it is tearing me apart inside.” 

Take these words out of your thought process and get ready for a fresh start. 

Start by Making a Few Small Changes

Nothing will change until you do things differently or start doing different things. Think about the things that energize and captivate youTalk to an understanding manager about what’s on your mind or an idea that you can’t get out of it. Run some of your thoughts past a trusted colleagueOnce a plan starts to form, build on it. 

Don’t burn any bridges or make sweeping changes right awaySmaller steps will create actual change and give you the momentum to keep it going. 

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