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Traits Recruiters Are Looking for In Your Interview

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Traits Recruiters Are Looking for In Your Interview

While some jobs will require a mixture of skills, many of the characteristics that interviewers look for are universal. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer, shipping clerk, or forklift operator, there are certain qualities that, if you display them, will bring you much closer to a job offer.  

Your interviews may be through phone or video calls for the time being, but there are still traits you can emphasize. Here are the most highly coveted of the group: 

Positive Demeanor

Not every characteristic on this list is easy to show to a recruiter, but this one is. When you’re sitting on video chat, make sure the hiring manager sees an upbeat attitude, positive energy, and optimism. Just because you are not on screen doesn’t mean the interviewer can’t see your posture. You want the interviewer to see you as the candidate who will enthusiastically seek answers when issues come up and take valuable lessons from any situation. If your disposition is down, so are your chances of being hired. 


Companies love curious candidates because they turn into valuable employees. A hiring manager will pick up on this trait through your resume by the number of times you have sought education and training in the pastIt will also become evident by the intelligent questions you ask based on the research you did before the interview. 


This characteristic used to be a given, but today it’s harder to come by. You can set yourself apart by showing your future employer that they can count on you. Start on the right foot by calling into the meeting on time and sending your resume and any other requested documents when you promised. 


Humility is so crucial for successful teamwork and for fitting into most company cultures. It’s also possible to demonstrate it during an interview. Hiring managers look for candidates who emphasize we instead of “I,” so be sure to describe your accomplishments as a team effort if you want to convince them that you’ll be the perfect addition to their team. 


An experienced interviewer will quickly expose you if you are fast-talking, misleading, or dishonest candidate. When they do, your chances for an offer will have disappeared. Always be open and cooperativeAdmit there was an issue with a past employer rather than waiting until it comes out in a reference check. Like honesty, transparency is the best policy. 


Hustle can more than make up for a slight deficit in talent. It indicates your willingness to make an all-out effort when it’s needed. It also says good things about your attitude and ethics. Hiring employers want the person who hustles because they are eager to be trained and are inclined to go above and beyond. 

Let us help you use your best traits to find your next job.

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