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Struggling to Pay Your Bills?

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Struggling to Pay Your Bills?

The COVID-19 pandemic put millions of people out of work, while others are now working reduced hours. If you’re unemployed or underemployed due to the crisis, there may be federal, state, and local programs to help. But many people have trouble paying their bills each month even during normal times. Regardless of what happened to your finances, here are some ways to develop a more stable financial footing. 

Cut Your Spending 

Most people have at least a few areas in which they can tighten their belts. Maybe you could take a roommate to cut down on rent or join a carpool to reduce commuting expenses. Can you take your lunch to work instead of dining out, or put off your vacation for a year? 

Prioritize Your Expenses 

Ideally, you would have enough income to cover your living expenses, pay your debts, put some money away each month, and have some left over. When times are tight, though, it’s essential to prioritize. Your basic survival must come first. This means housing, utilities, healthcare, and food. Your car payment and insurance may also be a high priority if you rely on your car to get to work. Depending on your individuals circumstances, you may also have income tax debt or child support obligations that must be satisfied. After those basic expenses are covered, you can work on paying your creditors. 

Talk to Your Creditors 

It can be tempting to simply walk away from debts you can’t pay, but this can lead to snowballing issues, and eventually to a judgment against you. Instead, call and explain the situation. You may be able to get reduced or postponed payments, a reduction in total amount owed, or even a lower interest rate. If your financial situation is due to the COVID crisis, be sure to say so, as many companies have special relief programs in place. Be ready to provide proof of your financial hardship. 

Take a Temp Job 

A lot of employers rely on temporary workers for many reasons. Perhaps it’s a seasonal business that adds workers during busy periods. Maybe new projects require extra help. Or the employer wants to take on new people on a trial basis, then offer a permanent position to those who work out well. 

Temp jobs are generally plentiful throughout the year, and they are often faster to get than permanent positions. Working with a staffing agency is a great way to gain access to a variety of temp opportunities, along with the support you need to put your best foot forward throughout the hiring process. And you never know when that temp job may turn into your next long-term position. 

Need a new job? 

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