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Best Tips for Onboarding Employees During the Holidays

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Best Tips for Onboarding Employees During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful for many companies, especially if they happen to be your busy season. Whether you’re bringing on full-time workers or seasonal help, onboarding is probably the last thing you feel like doing. Yet getting it right is essential to making sure your new team members are set up for success. Here are some tips. 

Go Back to Basics 

Take a hard look at your onboarding process. Are all of the steps really necessary? Are there aspects you could cut without damaging company cohesiveness? Write a new plan that focuses on just those things that new employees really need to learn and do. 

Ditch the Paperwork 

Both employees and HR personnel tend to become frustrated with paperwork. Filling out paper forms is time-consuming and tedious for new hires who are worried about learning their job duties. Once the forms are returned, HR employees must then input all the data into your company’s computer systems. 

With modern technology, there is no reason for most companies to rely on paper at all. Switch to an online process that lets new employees fill out and sign forms with a few clicks and then automatically transfers the information to your company’s databases. This will free up new hires to focus on their new jobs while allowing HR to move on to the next person on the list more quickly. 

Send Onboarding Materials in Advance 

Is there any real reason to make new hires spend their first-day watching videos and completing forms? Once you move your paperwork system online, the next logical step is to send onboarding materials to new hires in advance. A simple email with a link to your onboarding site lets new employees take care of the basics before they ever set foot in the building. Be sure your onboarding site is mobile friendly and easy to access from a wide variety of devices. 

Make New Hires Feel Welcome 

With the paperwork taken care of ahead of time, you can focus on giving your new employees a great first day. Use the buddy system to ensure that every new hire has someone to go to with basic questions or concerns. Buy lunch on the first day. Give new employees a tour of the workplace. Making people feel welcome rather than overloaded can set them up for long-term success. 

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