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Are you a HIGHLY Effective Leader?

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Are you a HIGHLY Effective Leader?

Being a good leader is relatively easy. But becoming a great leader takes hard work and dedication. The more you practice, the better you will become. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to become more effective right away. Here are a few practices to implement for the new year. 

Reflect on the Past 

The change of the year is an excellent time for reflection. What are the three things you’re most proud of from 2020? What were your three biggest misses? Lower the volume and think through both the things you are already good at and the areas in which you can improve. Pledge to actively work on your weaknesses and create new strengths in the next year, as well as to check in with yourself periodically to see how you’re coming along. 

Create a Vision 

No company or department can survive and thrive long-term without a clear vision. Assess its current strengths and shortcomings, and then think through how it could be improved. With a clear picture in mind, write out a series of long-term and short-term goals. 

Connect with Your Team Members 

You’re probably familiar with each employee’s work, but do you know them as people? Your team members are complicated humans with their own goals, needs, and hopes. Connecting with them on a personal level will help you understand their motivations and create personalized interactions to help them succeed. 

Also, help your employees connect with each other. Feeling valued at work can build loyalty, and strong teams get the best results. Build teams that bring out the best in each other, and consider getting everyone together for activities outside of work, such as an escape room or picnic in the park. 

Check Your Communication 

Communication is at the heart of effective leadership. Make sure you explain goals and milestones in a way that makes sense to your employees. Provide clear direction without micromanaging. Also, set up a feedback system for your team members to share their thoughts and concerns, and be sure to follow up on all feedback you receive. 

Strong leadership isn’t easy. But following these tips and striving to be a little better each day than you were the day before will put you on the road to becoming a highly effective leader. 

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