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Interview Questions Prep: “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

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Interview Questions Prep: “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

If you’re in the market for a new job, you probably know how important it is to prepare for interviews. Though you can never predict what you’ll be asked, some questions are more common than others. One you are extremely like to hear is, “Why are you leaving your current job?” Here’s what to think about when framing your answer.

What They Want to Know

Though it may feel like it, this isn’t a trick question. Your interviewer wants to learn your career goals and why you could no longer pursue them at your last job. Also, the interviewer wants to understand what makes the new position a better fit. Try to stay positive, or at the very least neutral, in explaining why you’re leaving your current job, while simultaneously showing enthusiasm for the new role.

Building Your Response

Remember the takeaway: You want the interviewer to feel comfortable that the new job fits your career aspirations. With this in mind, keep your focus on the future rather than the past. You could explain that you learned everything you could in your last role, or that you’re excited about working for a larger company, or simply that you are seeking new challenges. If you’re relocating, explain why (while avoiding anything that’s highly personal). If you were laid off, or lost your job during the pandemic, briefly summarize the situation.

Tips for Framing Your Explanation

  • Be honest but avoid sharing too much
  • Develop your answer ahead of time
  • Don’t badmouth your former employer
  • Practice talking about the situation, but don’t memorize a canned speech
  • Stay focused, taking care not to talk too much or start rambling

It’s normal to be nervous during a job interview. If your departure from your previous job was complicated, you might find yourself stumbling through your response. The solution is to prepare in advance, build an honest but simple response, and stay focused on the future rather than the past. This preparation can help you give a clear, straightforward answer that reassures your interviewer.

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