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Are You Looking to Get Promoted? Try These Tips

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Are You Looking to Get Promoted? Try These Tips

If you feel like you’ve gotten everything you can out of your current position, it may be time to start angling for a promotion. But it’s not always that easy. You may have competition not only from your coworkers, but also from outside candidates. So how can you show your company that you’re the best person for a more responsible position? Here are a few tips to get promoted.

Talk to Your Boss

How can management know that you’re interested in a promotion if you never say so? This is especially true if you’re looking at an open position outside your immediate department. If you and your supervisor have a good relationship, she may be able to give you advice on landing the job or even put in a good word for you.

Take Pride in Your Work

It’s not enough to simply do a good job. To take your career to the next level, you need to demonstrate that you take pride in performing to the best of your ability. This shows the unique blend of confidence, humbleness, and valuing work for its own sake that can make an excellent leader.

Own Your Projects

If you’re always doing just enough to get by, you probably won’t get promoted. Instead, treat each project as if it were your own, even if you’re just doing one piece of it. Follow up. Make sure others are following through. Offer to help with aspects that fall outside your core job description. Taking ownership of everything you touch helps management realize that you understand and value the big picture, not just your small piece of it.

Skip the Drama

Office politics can be fraught, leading to petty gossip, hurt feelings, and lower productivity. Simply staying out of the drama and focusing on the work can help you get noticed in a positive way.

Solve Problems

Managers need to solve problems. This means taking initiative, thinking outside the box, and implementing creative solutions. The more you can show off your problem-solving skills, the more likely you are to be seen as management material.

Make Money for the Company

Ultimately, companies are in business to make money. If you’re playing a key role in that, whether through actual sales or finding ways to save money by improving processes, you’re nearly certain to receive a second look. And you might just get promoted.

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