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Answer this Job Interview Question: Where Else are You Interviewing?

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Answer this Job Interview Question: Where Else are You Interviewing?

A job interview question like “Where else are you interviewing?” can quickly unnerve a candidate.

Why does the recruiter want to know? What should you tell them? How much should you tell them?

What To Say To “Where Else Are You Interviewing?”

Why Are They Asking?

First of all, relax. This is not a trick question. Recruiters ask about other interviews for several reasons.

They like you.

“In my experience, this question is usually a positive sign because that means I’m already interested. If I’m not interested in you, I don’t care if you’re interviewing with someone else,” Rob Cancilla, a senior director at the recruiting firm Hunt Club, told Huff Post.

They want to know the focus of your job search.

Where you search indicates the type of job you’re seeking. “They want to make sure their job fits the overall pattern of what you want,” says Career Sidekick. “Employers want to hire someone who’s being targeted and specific in their job hunt, not just applying for anything they see.”

They want to know how far along you are in your job search.

Your answer can reveal if you are a “hot prospect.”

How Should You Answer?

Now that you know some of the reasons they might ask this question, let’s focus on how to answer these two most likely scenarios.

You have had other successful interviews.

It’s OK to let the interviewer know that you have interviewed with other companies, as well as when you expect these companies to follow up. If your interviewer considers you a strong candidate, your answer provides a clear indication of how quickly they might have to move to make you an offer.

You have no other immediate prospects.

Of course, you never want to say this directly. “Instead of responding with your lack of other interviews, let your interviewer know what types of positions and companies you’ve been applying to,” notes The Muse. “You want to answer the interviewer in a satisfactory manner, but you also want to get across that you’re especially invested in the position you’re currently interviewing for.”

General Rules

  • Be truthful. Don’t tell them you’ve had no other interviews, but don’t fictionalize your prospects, either.

“Being honest with an interviewer can help establish trust between you and a potential employer,” notes Indeed. “Employers typically consider honesty as a desirable trait in a job candidate, so try to provide an honest answer when your interviewer asks about other interviews.”

  • Be confident and positive — even if this is your only immediate interview. You want to come across as a self-assured competitive candidate, not one who is depressed or desperate.
  • Be discreet. You can reveal the types of companies you’ve interviewed for without providing specific names. Remember, though, to emphasize why you are particularly interested in their company.

Answering tough interview questions is part of the job search. Knowing how the best way to answer can get you one step closer to your career goals.

Are You Prepared For Your Interview?

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