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How to Describe Your Warehouse Experience in a Job Interview

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How to Describe Your Warehouse Experience in a Job Interview

Have you considered working in a warehouse? Hours are flexible and provide a foot in the door for roles with more responsibility and higher pay. Furthermore, warehouse workers are in demand with the possibility to earn more for overtime.

How Can You Describe Your Warehouse Experience to a Potential Employer?

What Does a Warehouse Worker Do?

Warehouse workers share similar tasks, though the products and procedures for handling them may vary by industry.

Warehouse workers load orders onto trucks and shipping containers, often using forklifts and other machinery. They organize the items coming in, coordinate their storage and accurately label outgoing stock. They may need to adjust, repair or assemble items for delivery.

Working around and with heavy machinery and heavy packages, warehouse employees must always follow safety procedures to protect themselves, their co-workers, the equipment they use, and the products for which they are responsible.

If You Have Warehouse Experience

When you interview for a position as a warehouse associate, be prepared to describe your experience and your technical and non-technical skills.

State the number of years you’ve worked in a warehouse. Describe your basic duties and any additional responsibilities you gained over time.

Be sure to mention non-technical skills that make you a valuable employee. Are you a good communicator? A great organizer? Do you think quickly on your feet? Tell about times on the job where you put these abilities to use.

“Certifications and any professional training specific to warehouse management, shipping, and handling can help you stand apart from other candidates and impress the interviewer. If you hold any professional certifications, technical skills, or other credentials, share them with the interviewer,” notes Indeed.

If You Don’t Have Warehouse Experience

Maybe you’ve never worked in a warehouse but are considering a warehouse job. Be prepared to describe what attracts you to the position.

Don’t be overly worried if you lack warehouse experience. Many warehouses offer training for entry-level workers. Show your value in other ways by stressing non-technical skills that make you a good candidate. For instance, warehouse workers must be able to work well under pressure, communicate well with others and work within a schedule to meet deadlines. Speaking a second language also could be a desirable skill, says Workable.

Be sure to mention if you have a forklift license, first aid experience, or the ability to operate power tools, hand tools, and heavy machinery.

Ready to Start Your New Warehouse Job?

Punctual employees who demonstrate a good attitude, teamwork, and a willingness to learn can earn more responsibility and grow into roles with more responsibility and higher pay.

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