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How to Finish Strong in a Job Interview

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How to Finish Strong in a Job Interview

Making a good first impression during a job interview is crucial. But leaving a good last impression may be just as important. Your final words and actions during an interview could be what the employer remembers most about you.

“I like to say that a last impression is a lasting impression,” career coach Chrissy Scivicque told Monster. “How you wrap things up is going to stick with the interviewer just as much as your first impression.”

These six tips can help you make a strong finish in a job interview.

How Can You Finish a Job Interview Strong

Ask Questions

Toward the end of the interview, your interviewer may invite your questions. Always have a few questions ready. This is your chance to clarify details about the job and organization. It’s also an opening to display your research and knowledge of the company, notes LinkedIn.

You might ask about the company’s culture or what they expect from their new hire during the first few weeks. Or ask about your interviewer’s career path, their impressions of the company, and what they like most about working there.

Emphasize Your Best Traits

Be prepared to provide a verbal “wrap up” of your background and the qualities that make you the best candidate.

Were there any questions you wish the interviewer had asked? If there’s a relevant skill or accomplishment that hasn’t come up yet during the interview, now is the time to mention it.

Now is also a good time to clarify an answer you may have stumbled over earlier, says The Ladders.

Repeat Your Interest in the Position

“The closing of an interview is a great opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the job,” notes The Balance Money. “One way to do this is to explain how the interview has confirmed your interest in the position.”

Reference parts of the job that appeal to you most and express your eagerness to tackle those challenges.

Anticipate Their Needs

Before leaving your interview, ask if there is anything else you can provide, such as work samples or references. Anticipating their needs shows interest, commitment, and initiative.

Determine Next Steps

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about next steps in the interview process. They may have more interviews to complete, or they might need to discuss your candidacy with their team. At the very least they should be able to tell you when you might expect to hear back.

Remember to Say “Thank You”

Thank your interviewer verbally for the interview opportunity. Support your verbal thanks with a written or emailed thank you note. Many candidates neglect this step but following through with a written word of thanks will set you apart.

A written thank you also offers one final opportunity for you to “include any additional information that may not have been covered in the interview but that you feel is pertinent to their understanding of you as a candidate,” notes Indeed.

While all aspects of the interview are important, the close of the interview is the part over which you have the most control. Being prepared to take advantage of this opportunity is the best way to close your interview strong.

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