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Looking for a Job While You’re Still Employed? Here’s How to Do it After Hours

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Looking for a Job While You’re Still Employed? Here’s How to Do it After Hours

If you’re one of those unlucky workers who has lost your job, you’re free to look for your next one whenever you please. If you are still employed and searching, however, that’s quite a bit trickier. If your company discovers you’re trying to move elsewhere, they may expedite things by firing you. Depending on their attitude, the company might even try to throw some stumbling blocks in your way to make it more difficult for you.

No matter what your reason is for changing jobs, it’s critical you keep the wraps on any search you’re conducting if you’re still employed. Here are a few suggestions for doing it:

Look for opportunities at your current job

Keep doing your best work, all the while exploring options for improving your position at your present job. Maybe your reason for leaving can be remediated, and you can avoid the hassle of changing jobs. If you have a good relationship with your manager, you could have that conversation, but be discreet and make sure you can trust this person.

Don’t confide in anyone

Keep your job search to yourself. You might be tempted to share this exciting news with your closest co-workers, but you must avoid that temptation. Once you tell others, you lose control over whether they keep your secret safe or share it with management.

Search on your own time

Don’t conduct your job search on company time. You have a responsibility to your current employer until you leave. If you are discovered, you could get an early exit, and you will have burned this bridge, which is never a good idea.

Hiring managers are almost always willing to make arrangements for candidates who are still working. They will schedule your interview and communicate with you around your work schedule. You can arrange to meet before or after work and during your lunch break if that’s possible.

When you schedule your appointments with hiring managers around working hours, you’re showing integrity and sending a message you will be a reliable employee. Those are traits that can get you hired.

Don’t use your company’s resources

Just like conducting your job search on your company’s time is never a good idea, using their equipment can be even more dangerous since the chances of getting caught are greater. One ill-timed phone call or email can jeopardize your current role. Making copies of your resume could be disastrous if you forget to take out the original. Even doing online searches of prospective employers can leave a digital trail.

Remember, your primary focus is your current job. It’s dishonest and disrespectful to use your employer’s time and equipment to find another job. Recruiters understand that secrecy is often part of the hiring process, and they will do everything possible to keep things discreet.

Get professional help to find your next job

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