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Are You Missing These 4 Things From Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Are You Missing These 4 Things From Your LinkedIn Profile?

Whether it’s a hiring manager, a potential client or just someone who is interested in your professional life, LinkedIn is where they will go to find out about you. And it’s up to you to ensure what they find stimulates their interest and prompts them to follow up.

So if you want to communicate about yourself as effectively as possible, you need to build stronger content. So many LinkedIn profiles contain content that does little to tell a compelling story. Sometimes there is information that doesn’t need to be there, but in many cases, there is missing information that could have heightened awareness of you.

Take a look at your profile. If it doesn’t contain these four elements, make sure you do an update that does!

  1. Content that shows you are passionate about your work

Many profiles are matter-of-fact and sometimes dull when it comes to explaining what the individual does at work. Your words tell the reader whether you love your job or are just going through the motions each day. And you won’t impress a potential employer if it’s the latter.

Take a hard look at your profile, and go through it, replacing all that uninspired content with words that indicate an energetic passion for what you do.

  1. A recent photo

Even if your words show you care deeply about your career, they lose much of their power without an accompanying photo. It’s almost like you’re telling everyone you don’t think you are important enough to have your picture there. If you don’t have a professional photo, have one taken. Upload your smiling face to your profile, and show the world you’re no longer hiding.

  1. Highlighting what you do well

If you are on LinkedIn, you’re looking for opportunities there. You don’t need to state it. Instead, focus your content on why you would make a terrific employee. Your headline should point to what makes you unique and how you can help a business reach its goals.

By engaging readers with the value you can add to a company, you change the tone of the conversation from what you need (a job) to what they need (your talents and experience).

  1. Explaining why your work matters

Make sure what you include in your profile is not only about the tasks you performed, but also focuses on the results you achieved. Your readers will understand why your work matters if you tell them how your efforts made an impact. Emphasize aspects of your job that made you feel excited and fulfilled, and you’re likely to attract more of it.

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