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How Redeployment of Temporary Workers Will Speed Up Hiring

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How Redeployment of Temporary Workers Will Speed Up Hiring

If you aren’t already aware of the advantages of hiring temporary labor, here’s a quick summary: 

  • Flexibility: Employers, especially smaller companies, need to be able to adjust the size of their teams during either busy or low periods. Hiring permanent staff can be time-consuming, and it removes the flexibility of responding to the ebbs and flows of business conditions. Temporary workers can offer a quick fix for unexpected turnover, long-term leaves, and special projects. 
  • Cost savings: Companies can save on medical/dental benefits, vacation and holiday pay, retirement, and other benefits that are reserved for regular full-time and part-time workers. 
  • Saves on training: Hiring experienced temporary workers means you won’t have to train and commit to a full-time hire. 
  • It can lead to exceptional full-time hires: Taking on a highly-skilled temporary worker allows employers to assess and determine if they’re suitable for a full-time position. 

And these are just some of the advantages of employing temporary workers. Now, think about the benefits of bringing back the same temporary workers. How much value would that add to your organization? Think about these: 

They Already Know Your Company

Redeployed temps already know all those aspects of your company that you’ll need to teach a fresh temp. They are familiar with your processes and procedures, along with where to find things so that they will be up and running almost immediately. There is much to be said for bringing a worker on board who is already comfortable with your company and culture. 

You Know They Are Qualified

You don’t have to guess about the abilities of people who have worked for you previously. You know what they can do, and you can put them right to work doing it. Imagine the advantages of adding someone to your team who knows the duties of the job when they are faced with a tight deadline. 

They Can Improve Morale

Temporary workers who have been productive and gotten along with your permanent staff (and why would you bring them back if they hadn’t) will be happily welcomed by the rest of your team. There’s no waiting period until they work together as a single unit. And because they are helping to ease the pressure on the rest of your people, you’ll see a rise in morale and productivity, along with a notable decrease in exhaustion and burnout. 

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