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Workplace Safety: Your Employees Are Only Invincible Until They’re Not

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Workplace Safety: Your Employees Are Only Invincible Until They’re Not

You already know that a safe working environment is in everyone’s best interests, but sometimes your employees become complacent about safety because they believe they have learned all there is to know. When that happens, they are less apt to take your safety tips seriously, and a workplace accident could be just around the corner.  

Safety is much too important to take lightly. And it isn’t merely about using common sense. The more you can put safety into terms to which they can relate, the better your chances of having a safe work environment.  

Here are some points to cover the next time you gather your people for a safety meeting. You’ll give them a fresh perspective and create a safer workplace:  

Keep your work area clean and clutter-free.  

Clutter increases the risks of tripping, falling, slipping, and a host of other injuries. While these injuries are responsible for nearly 250,000 missed workdays every year, they are mostly preventable. Tell your team to take the time to keep their workspace neat. A clean work area is a safe work area.  

Don’t take shortcuts.   

Some of your workers might think that taking shortcuts in their procedures will help the company by increasing production. Remind them that just the opposite is exact. Not only are they jeopardizing their safety, but the quality of their work will suffer. Let them know you want them to follow procedures carefully to remain safe.  

Take your breaks.  

Some workers show their dedication by working through breaks to finish an operation. While they might be helping to get a project out the door, they could be hurting the company by putting themselves at risk. Taking breaks can do more to help them complete their work on schedule, and without an accident, because breaks give them a chance to rest and re-focus.  

Recognize workplace risks.  

Lessening risks starts with understanding what things could pose a hazard. Request that each worker check out their work area and identify anything that has the potential to be a safety risk. Even the most innocuous items could cause an issue under the right circumstances. Knowing what they are can help your people to avoid those situations.  

Get plenty of sleep.  

When your employees get enough sleep, they are well-rested and use better judgment, which translates into fewer mistakes that could get them injured. Emphasize that feeling sleepy, especially when working around machinery, is an invitation for severe injuries.  

Help new hires to buy into your safety culture.  

When you bring new people onto the team, give them a good start. Have other team members help them to assimilate into your safety culture. Make it as easy as possible for them to learn how to stay safe on the job.  

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