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The Importance of Working at a Company Where You Enjoy Your Co-Workers

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The Importance of Working at a Company Where You Enjoy Your Co-Workers

Think about all the time you spend at work each week. It’s not unusual that you would be on the job for more hours than you’re with your family. That being the case, there are good reasons to have a quality relationship with those around you—your co-workers.  

Enjoying your work is directly linked to liking your co-workers. Good co-workers can become like a second family, helping you get through those difficult days and making each day go by faster.  

If you and your co-workers have a warm relationship, you’ll probably feel psychologically and physically healthy at work. And just the opposite could be true if you can’t establish a rapport with them.  

Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are fostering friendships at work and reaping the benefits from them:  

Show interest in your co-workers.  

Talk to the people you’re working with and learn things about them—how did they get where they are, what do they like to do in their spare time, do you have any interests in common? You’ll soon know if they are the type of individual that would make a close friend or if being friendly co-workers is as far as the relationship will go.  

Stay positive.   

Everyone is drawn to the optimist with a sunny outlook. It’s easier for co-workers to relate to the person with a positive attitude than it is to the constant complainer who seems to be mad at the world.  

Be there to lend a helping hand.  

Don’t wait to be asked. If you see that someone is having a hard time, be the first one there to help. Your co-workers will bond with you quickly once they know you’re available and willing to assist them when they are struggling.  

Volunteer to work with other teams.  

There may be projects in different areas of your company that can give you a chance to meet even more people. You might find a good friend among these workers with whom you don’t usually interact.  

Don’t share too much.  

It’s okay to relax and be yourself as you’re trying to develop friendships but sharing too much can work against you and come across as unprofessional. Allow your work relationships to build gradually, and don’t reveal the private details of your life too quickly.  

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