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A Day in the Life of an Equipment Maintenance Technician

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A Day in the Life of an Equipment Maintenance Technician

Excellent maintenance technicians are not only getting their work done, but they are keeping an entire facility running smoothly. Each one of them has their approach to work, but the best of them are not merely showing up and getting through the day—they are being proactive, paying attention to the details, and going the extra mile to ensure that productivity stays on pace.  

There might not be a “typical” day for an equipment maintenance technician—things can change quickly—but here is a general outline of what most days will look like for them:  

Getting off to a good start.  

Because maintenance technicians may be called upon at any time, they begin their day by getting to work on time. They then collect their work orders and gather all the tools and parts they’ll need to complete their tasks. Staying organized helps to prevent them from falling behind as the day goes on.  

During the day.  

Some maintenance workers go through the day without seeing beyond what they’re doing at the moment. Top technicians know what’s happening throughout the plant. They are aware of the small problems and deal with them before they become significant issues. They view the entire facility as their responsibility, so being proactive is one of their strongest traits.   

Another strong characteristic of the maintenance technician is flexibility. Becoming fixated on one task is fine until another breakdown demands immediate attention. Competent technicians know how to prioritize when they are forced to juggle multiple emergencies on their equipment. They do everything possible to ensure that the equipment and the facility are in peak condition.  

At the end of the shift.  

When the shift is over, a top-notch maintenance technician has completed all the work on time, returned all tools and unused parts, and finished all the required paperwork. Before leaving for the day, they will look at any job scheduled to prepare for the following day mentally.   

What value does a maintenance technician provide to an organization?  

Companies rely on their maintenance technicians to complete their work to specifications, make recommendations to improve practice for the future, make sure all tools are in working order, verify that all production equipment is running properly, and adhere to all the rules for working safely.  

Also, maintenance technicians add value by working with production and operations to work out equipment problems so that the machinery is optimized and production increases.  

Does a career as a maintenance technician sound right for you?  

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