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Tips to Position Yourself as Managerial Material

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Tips to Position Yourself as Managerial Material

Even though youve accumulated experience on the job and feel that its time you be considered for a leadership position, that isnt enough to make it happen. Sometimes the workers who do the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time fail as managers. While being an expert in your role as a worker is an essential component of being managerial material, there is much more that goes into it. 

You need to position yourself for this promotion by showing your boss that you have the qualities that are necessary to move up the organizational ladder. Heres how to do it: 

Be the department’s problem solver.

Bosses love the worker who comes into their office with a problem—and a thoroughly thought out solution along with it. Excellent leaders dondump a problem on their managers lap and wait around for an answer. They study the issue strategically, and then they do what needs to be doneOffering solutions is a sure-fire way to show youre ready to tackle the other problems in the company. 

Look for opportunities to manage on a smaller scale.

You can show that you’re ready for a permanent leadership role by leading people in small projects. Youll develop your management skills, and your boss will start recognizing you as a team leader. 

Start by asking your boss for more responsibility. Suggest some of these: 

    • Training new employees 
    • Being in charge of summer interns 
    • Leading some of the departmental meetings 
    • Taking charge of one of the small project teams 
    • Partially filling in when your manager leaves for vacation

You can highlight your leadership skills by being involved in activities that are not directly related to work, such as volunteering with coworkers at a community event or helping to plan the company picnic. 

Always act like a professional.

Everything you do adds to your story, so make sure your behavior is commendable at all times. If you are missing deadlines, failing to communicate, or gossiping in the break room, you wont be the kind of leader that others will respect. If you come to work late or are uncooperative with your coworkers, how can you expect to counsel others to be responsible and get along with others if you become a manager? 

Keep a positive attitude, be that person that everyone trusts, and cultivate an exemplary reputation. You could be the next one to move up the ladder. 

Its also a good idea to get to know the entire company. As a manager, youll be making decisions that will require an understanding that goes beyond your department, so do detailed research to give you a bigger picture as you make plans for moving into a more prominent role. 

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