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Reintroducing Employees into the Office Post Lock-Down

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Reintroducing Employees into the Office Post Lock-Down

As businesses begin recalling their workers, safety in the workplace has taken on new meaning. Organizations must create and develop updated policies and guidelines in the aftermath of COVID-19. Reassure your returning workers and any potential candidates that your company is working safely and will do whatever is necessary to safeguard them. 

A Return-to-Work message to all staff members is essential in outlining the policies and procedures you plan to enforce postlock-down. The memo should include: 

  • A timeline on when workers should return 
  • What they can expect  
  • How procedures could be changing to adapt to COVID-19 

As the federal, state, and local governments begin to communicate plans to get American workers back on the job, businesses will needguidanceBut as the process unfolds, there are some practical steps that companies can take as they get ready for a return to work: 

Don’t go to work if you’re sick.

A recent study discovered that 90% of American workers go to their jobs when they’re sick. While that may be commendable under normal circumstances, employers will need to discourage the practice immediately by explaining the dangers of spreading the virus by infecting their coworkers. 

Employees showing the following signs must stay home: 

    • Fever 
    • Dry cough 
    • Loss of appetite and sense of smell 
    • Fatigue 
    • Body aches 

Send home any workers who start to show these symptoms during the workday.  

Monitor the temperatures of your workers.

Temperature monitoring is allowed during the coronavirus and is a good ideaSet up an area outside the facility to check temperaturesAny worker with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher should be sent home. Also, enforce a 6-foot distance between coworkers while they are waiting to enter. 

Provide masks to your workers.

Any employees working with the public should be wearing masks. While they are in short supply, there are some resources available to businesses. If employees work in an office or cubicle, instruct them to wear the mask in common areasDoing this could reduce their chances of spreading or catching the virus from others. 

Use email whenever possible.

Another study, this one in Nature Scientific Reports in 2019, revealed that people emit aerosol particles when they speak. The louder they talk, the more particles they emit containing the virus. To avoid this risk, have your employees use emails, texts, and messages as their primary means of communication. 

Keep all common surfaces clean.

While disinfecting wipes and sanitizers are in short supply, you can find some homemade equivalents online. You may have to get creative to keep common surfaces clean, and you might have to hire additional cleaning people, but it’s worth the effort to keep surfaces in restrooms and things such as doorknobs disinfected. 

Let us help you as you re-open.

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