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Are Your Interviews Over Video Now? Don’t Sweat the Change!

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Are Your Interviews Over Video Now? Don’t Sweat the Change!

Even before COVID-19 made them a necessity, video job interviews were becoming an increasingly common part of the hiring process. These interviews can take on various forms, so if you have one scheduled, familiarize yourself with them and be prepared.  

Here are some general video interview tips to get you started: 

  • Choose a quiet, well-lit room, free from possible interruptions 
  • Make sure your internet connection is established 
  • Check that your computers audio is working 
  • Test your webcam 
  • Close all other browser tabs and applications 
  • Dress professionally in subdued colors 
  • Keep a pen, notepad, and resume by your side 
  • Show the interviewer youre engaged by nodding and smiling 
  • Use hand gestures whenever its appropriate 
  • Silence your phone  

Here are some specific instructions depending on the location of the interview: 

In-office Video Interviews

Some video interviews can take place at the employers office when youre interviewing with someone who is at another location. In this case, youll follow all the best practices for an in-person interviewdo your research to prepare, dress appropriately, arrive early, and be respectful of everyone you meet in the company. 

When you arrive for the interview, youll usually be shown to a room that has the equipment for the video interview. The person who brought you to the room will likely help get started and make sure everything is working correctly. Its a good idea to ask them where they will be in case you run into a problem. 


Remote Video Interviews

Most video interviews take place away from the employers office, iwhich case it will be up to you to find a quiet place with a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam. Here is a list of what youll need: 

  • A laptop or desktop computer with a webcam  
  • An internet connection (bandwidth speed of at least one megabit per second) 
  • room where you wont be interrupted by other people, pets, or noises. Make sure you have a neutral background to eliminate visual distractions. Stay away from community areas that have wi-fi. 

If you dont have these items, ask a friend to borrow the equipment or check at your local library. If that doesnt work, you can probably rent the equipment. 


Live or pre-recorded video interview?

Almost all interviews will be live. You might join a video conference from a link that the employer shares with you, or you might receive a call via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Once you are connected, you can see and speak with an interviewer on the other end. 

Occasionally, employers choose to use pre-recorded video interviews. With this formatinstead of being connected to a person in real-time, youll be prompted to answer interview questions that have been pre-recorded or written out for you. Youll record your answer to each question, and the employer will review them later.  


Need help getting an interview?

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