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Having Difficulty Getting Back into the Job Search?

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Having Difficulty Getting Back into the Job Search?

No one has to remind you that many workers have been laid off because of COVID-19. But you should be aware that all of this will come to an end and, if your company downsized or went out of business, you won’t be returning to your old job. That means you will need to begin a job search, and if you haven’t been through the hiring process for a while, you’ll probably need a short refresher course to get you started. 

Most people change jobs because they want a new challenge, want to work for another company, or are seeking a bigger paycheck. If these are your reasons, then you’re starting a job search on your terms. Unfortunately, in the case of the coronavirus, you may feel compelled to begin your search with an attitude of desperation. 

Here are some suggestions for beginning and ending your quest for a new job successfully: 

Take some time to think about your career moving forward.

If you lost your job through the coronavirus, you’ll need to find another one, of course. But you should first ask yourself: Do you want one just like your last one, or would you instead want a different direction? Maybe you have felt restless and unsatisfied in your work and were just hanging on because it provided a paycheck, and you were afraid to make a change. 

If that’s the case, you now have an opportunity to explore other options since you have nothing to lose. And if you were happy at your last job, you can start looking for another one like it. 

Work on your resume.

Your resume is likely outdated and generic. Update the information and make it specific to the company to which you’re applying. Get rid of the section in your job history that tells about your duties, and replace it with a list of accomplishments you had at each one. This small revision can show the employer how much value you could bring to the organization rather than a bland description of your day-to-day responsibilities. 

Enhance your LinkedIn profile. 

It’s not enough to copy and paste your new and improved resume to LinkedIn. Add a few keywords to improve your visibility when recruiters are searching for candidates. Also, try to get recommendations from former employers, managers, and colleagues.  

Sharing your insights on industry articles will also let recruiters see that you are one of the thought leaders of your industry.  

Reach out to your network.

You’ve probably already been looking at job postings, but you’ll want to connect with others before you start applying. Some of your connections can give you insight into their experiences in roles that interest you. 

Talk to a staffing agency..

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