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How to Wow Your Job Interviewer in Under 2 Minutes

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How to Wow Your Job Interviewer in Under 2 Minutes

Studies show that people form an impression of a new acquaintance within the first 30 seconds to two minutes. That isn’t a lot of time to begin to impress the person who is conducting your job interview.

According to The Balance, “In one study, more than 30% of hiring managers decided whether to hire a candidate during the first five minutes of a job interview.”

Naturally, then, your earliest interaction with the interviewer is key to creating a positive or negative impression.

So how do you impress your interviewers inside two minutes? For the best possible first impression, concentrate on your appearance, attitude and actions.

How Can You Make a Great First Impression In an Interview?


Fair or not, humans make nearly instant decisions about whether a new face is attractive and trustworthy. To counter any immediate negative impressions, smile!

“Smiling makes a person seem more attractive, sociable, and confident, and people who smile more are more likely to get hired and promoted. If the interviewer’s reaction to your face was a negative one, your first defense against that impression is a warm and friendly smile,” says Workopolis.

Dress for success in your industry in clothes that are neat, clean, and well-fitting. Even when the office dress code is casual, it doesn’t hurt to dress up a little.

Also, make sure your hair is neat, and your nails are clean and trimmed. Control body odor, but consider skipping strong-smelling soaps or scents, as some people are sensitive to them.


You want to appear confident, interested, likeable and qualified. How do you pull that off in a few minutes?

It all comes down to your behavior.

Treat everyone you meet with respect, reminds Indeed. “This includes people on the road and in the parking lot, security personnel and front desk staff. Treat everyone you don’t know as though they’re the hiring manager. Even if they aren’t, your potential employer might ask for their feedback.”

During the interview, be honest, pleasant, and authentic. You may lack some of the skills they are looking for, but skills can be taught. “Ask questions that highlight your eagerness to learn,” says Top Interview.


The interviewer will assess your actions as well as your answers. If you appear uninterested during the interview, they will lose interest in you.

Be aware of your body language. This might require some pre-interview practice. Don’t fidget, and try to control nervous ticks. Sitting up straight and even leaning forward a little reinforces the impression that you are interested, engaged and confident.

Express your enthusiasm for the job in your voice, facial expression and posture. Make frequent eye contact with your interviewer (but don’t make it creepy by staring.) And pay attention!

“At this moment in time, no one is more important than the person who is interviewing you. You must give them your complete undivided attention,” says Forbes.

After the interview, send a thank you. Many applicants don’t follow through with a written or emailed expression of thanks. By letting the interviewer know you appreciate their time and briefly touching on the skills that make you perfect for the job, you can turn your great first impression into a lasting positive impression.

Ready For Your Interview?

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