Looking for a Job While You’re Still Employed? Here’s How to Do it After Hours

If you’re one of those unlucky workers who has lost your job, you’re free to look for your next one whenever you please. If you are still employed and searching, however, that’s quite a bit trickier. If your company discovers you’re trying to move elsewhere, they may expedite things by firing you. Depending on their […]

The Benefits of Finding a Job Close to Home

Depending on where you live, traffic jams are part of your daily commute. America’s roads are getting busier every year, and there is no reason to hope that will ease up in the future. Many workers are caught up in a problem: Their high-paying job is 30 miles away—sometimes even farther—and moving closer to work […]

How to Attract Candidates Who Aren’t Looking for a New Job

They are officially called passive candidates. They are the ones who have a job, are not actively looking for another one, and are typically very selective about their options. There are reportedly more than 332 million LinkedIn users around the world, and about three-quarters of them are passive candidates. But just because you can identify […]

The Top 5 Job Search FAQs Answered

One of the reasons job searches aren’t successful is because job hunters aren’t fully informed. Maybe they don’t ask questions for fear of looking stupid, or they think they know what’s expected (but they don’t!). Every company and hiring manager has different requirements, so it’s not wise to make any assumptions. Ask about anything you’re […]

A Checklist for Your First Day at a Temporary Job

The first day of a temporary job provides an opportunity to make a good impression on all those people you could be working with for many years. That’s right. Just because a job starts out as a temporary gig, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you ask intelligent questions, make a good […]

7 Ted Talks to Share With Your Team to Help Boost Productivity

Inspiration comes in many forms, and one of the most effective of those forms is the online TED talks. An acronym for technology, entertainment, and design, TED talks cover just about everything you can imagine. Financial independence, self-worth, education, and happiness are just a few of the topics discussed in the talks. Here are seven […]